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Sale and rental of boats, sailboats and yachts

Your potential clientele has a high purchasing power and demands excellence.

The imob360 immersive tour of your fleet or boat allows you to examine it from starboard to port and from deck to interior, showing the volume and decor to their advantage.

In this way, the customer can easily and playfully project himself and positively benefit his decision mechanism. You can't fool him.

You will win over the competition and easily get the sale or rental.

Sale and rental of motor homes, caravans and mobile homes

In this sector, there are all kinds of models, from the most basic to the most luxurious.

Here again, the immob360 3D virtual tour allows your customers to immediately identify the characteristics, practicality, functionality and comfort of your property. The tenant can immediately project himself in the place of life and/or transport that you propose to them.

If your customer finds what he is looking for in your fleet, you will benefit from his confidence, which is decisive for his reservation or purchase!

Aviation, private jet rental

The aviation rental sector is aimed at a private or high-end corporate clientele who generally do not look at the expense.

Your fleet can be the subject of a virtual tour for each of your aircraft in order to showcase their space, comfort and luxury.

By offering such an immersive and explicit catalog, you will greatly increase your chances of winning over the competition. Your customer will already be perfectly in the atmosphere, apart from the flying sensations and the "unobstructed" view that he will be able to admire.



Rue des Electrices 47

2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

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Phone Number

+41 79 893 87 00