air sun eu 2016 03 04 13 45 301AIR TURBO: The first energy tree in the world
A unique "Tree" which produces energy!

This turbine Air-Turbo, patent of Leonidas Kontos who is from Ioannina, owner of the company of energy applications Air - Sun SA
The Wind Turbine Air Turbo is a "vertical axis" wind turbine , which rotates on an axis perpendicular to the ground, in contrast with the known wind turbines in the form of propeller and revolving on an axis horizontal to the ground. This gives to Air Turbo the opportunity to use any wind direction, even in turbulent flow, spinning, and makes use even of rising or falling steams!
Special property of Air Turbo is its ability to exploit the entire volume of air passing through the structure, minimizing the drag forces, in contrast to the classic wind turbines in which a significant proportion of air to "brake" them.

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